438. During the wee hours of the morn anything is possible at Le Muse'e.   16x24 in.  
440.  Charlotte's obsession became a daily nuisance.  30x24 in.   
439.  Dr.Antoinette specializes in works of historical significance.  22x32 in.     
184. All Art is biograph-ical.  40x28 in.  

443. Lady Foxworth never forgot Jim the gardener.  24x28 in.  
492. Le Muse'e's guides are encouraged to 
express humor during tours.   24x30 in.  
491.  Free expression is endorsed on Thursdays between 3pm-6pm.  
28x20 in.    
419. Potential security guards must pass all
kinds of rigorous training.  
40x28 in.   
219.  The Bronte' sisters were always good for a laugh!   28x32 in.   
235. A quick prayer was all she had needed.  32x24 in.   
233. Heloise and Rolanda scoured the pictures for meanings which did not exist. 
393.  And yet the man was not the first to be seduced.   28x40 in.   
403.  "Where have I seen this before?" queried Ms.Magritte.  42x40 in. 
409.  Sabrina's first visit set free a score of sala-cious secrets within her.  36x28 in.  
306.  One of the most valuable works in the museum is "Our Lady Of The Scorpion."   
352.  Louisa believes that she is the Maestro's most desired model.  28x18 in.   
277.  Bunny has no need for Art in her life.  20x16 in. 
390.  What goes on in Le Muse'e stays in Le Muse'e.  40x28 in.   
412.  Even now a whole new gener-ation is inspired by the Maestro's Art.   28x22 in.   

442. Le Muse'e will always be home to the Maestro's muses.  42x28 in.  
445. Each St.Patrick's Day, patrons swear they can hear a portrait of Mary O'Riordan singing "Danny Boy."  24x32 in.    
426.  Nowadays, Art thieves come in a variety of colors.  30x30 in.    
484.  Tastefully decorated, the employees' lounge is an oasis for relaxation.  20x11 in.  
436.  Earlier that day, one of the dastardly thieves posed as a pious Art hater.  20x12 in.
308. Every Sunday afternoon, Amelia wonders what her life might be without Art.   26x36 in.

250.  Every Friday after seven is Singles Night.    30x30 in.  
431.  Ms.Kandee Appel is in charge of private viewings.   16x24 in. 
437.  Today an undercover agent rescued one of the Maestro's most precious works.  34x26 in.

420. Overtime work is encouraged at Le Muse'e.  36x26 in. 
454.  Having found religion, Millicent had no problem flaunting what God had given her.  38x26 in.  
456.  There was no magic involved when reading their minds.  24x30 in.  
475.  Some people come to Le Muse'e for reasons entirely of their own.  30x30 in.
490. A forgery...yes or no?  
28x24 in.
375.  Le Muse'e is where certain
rules require insubordination.
28x22 in. 
349.  Art students, particularly male, are a silly lot.  24x30 in.  
326. Though life-long friends each remembered this partic-ular story quite differently.  28x20 in. 
310. The late Rosetta devoted her entire adult life to posing.   
26x20 in.  
435.  How does a thief decide the order in which rarities should be stolen?   40x28 in.  
358. When Helmut the wall painter forgot to first 
remove the priceless artwork... hilarity ensued. 
30x20 in. 
396.  Memory is seated predom-inantly in the heart.  38x16 in.  
388.   When in his 20s the Maestro became traumatized 
by her unrequited love.  
46x36 in.  
344. Is it an act of audacity or stupidity?  32x26 in.  
374. Throughout the decades many goddesses have posed for the Maestro.  30x20 in.  
351.  The Contessa donated to the museum this self-portrait of the artist as a young man. 42x26 in.  
316. Some art may be too intense for certain patrons.  36x24 in.  
359. Antoinette is a highly esteemed botanist in charge of the museum's flora.  40x24 in.   
378.  The museum spends not only years but millions of dollars authenticating works by the Maestro.  32x20 in.    
392.  To this day the Maestro's illegitimate twins continue to ignite controversy.  38x28 in.  
342.  The museum's social media director is an expert.  36x24 in.  
238,  "I shall never grow old," declared Dora, idiotically.   36x28 in.