438. During the wee hours of the morn anything is possible at Le Muse'e.   16x24 in.   $1200  2001
440.  Charlotte's obsession became a daily nuisance.  30x24 in.   $1200   2001
439.  Dr.Antoinette specializes in works of historical significance.  22x32 in.     $1300   2016
184. All Art is biograph-ical.  40x28 in.  $1200
443. Lady Foxworth never forgot Jim the gardener.  24x28 in.    $1100   2004
492. Le Muse'e's guides are encouraged to 
express humor during tours.   24x30 in.   $1100
491.  Free expression is endorsed on Thursdays between 3pm-6pm.  
28x20 in.     $1400  2011
419. Potential security guards must pass all
kinds of rigorous training.  
40x28 in.    $1300  2015
219.  The Bronte' sisters were always good for a laugh!   28x32 in.   $1200
235. A quick prayer was all she had needed.  32x24 in.   $1200  2014
233. Heloise and Rolanda scoured the pictures for meanings which did not exist.  32x28 in.  $1100
393.  And yet the man was not the first to be seduced.   28x40 in.   $1200  2019
403.  "Where have I seen this before?" queried Ms.Magritte.  42x40 in.  $1400   2018
409.  Sabrina's first visit set free a score of sala-cious secrets within her.  36x28 in.   $1400  2016
306.  One of the most valuable works in the museum is "Our Lady Of The Scorpion."   20x16 in.   $1300  2018
352.  Louisa believes that she is the Maestro's most desired model.  28x18 in.   $1100  2016
277.  Bunny has no need for Art in her life.  20x16 in.  $1500   2018
390.  What goes on in Le Muse'e stays in Le Muse'e.  40x28 in.    $1100  2016
412.  Even now a whole new gener-ation is inspired by the Maestro's Art.   28x22 in.   $1200   2018

442. Le Muse'e will always be home to the Maestro's muses.  42x28 in.  $1400
445. Each St.Patrick's Day, patrons swear they can hear a portrait of Mary O'Riordan singing "Danny Boy."  24x32 in.     $1400   2016
426.  Nowadays, Art thieves come in a variety of colors.  30x30 in.     $1200  2017
484.  Tastefully decorated, the employees' lounge is an oasis for relaxation.  20x11 in.   $1100
436.  Earlier that day, one of the dastardly thieves posed as a pious Art hater.  20x12 in.  $1200  2018
308. Every Sunday afternoon, Amelia wonders what her life might be without Art.   26x36 in.
$1400   2013
250.  Every Friday after seven is Singles Night.    30x30 in.   $1200
431.  Ms.Kandee Appel is in charge of private viewings.   16x24 in.   $1200   2015
437.  Today an undercover agent rescued one of the Maestro's most precious works.  34x26 in.
$1300   2012
420. Overtime work is encouraged at Le Muse'e.  36x26 in.   $1100
454.  Having found religion, Millicent had no problem flaunting what God had given her.  38x26 in.  $1200   2016
456.  There was no magic involved when reading their minds.  24x30 in.   $1200   2015
475.  Some people come to Le Muse'e for reasons entirely of their own.  30x30 in.  $1400  2004
490. A forgery...yes or no?  
28x24 in.  $1300   2020
375.  Le Muse'e is where certain
rules require insubordination.
28x22 in.   $1100  2019
349.  Art students, particularly male, are a silly lot.  24x30 in.    $1300   2018
326. Though life-long friends each remembered this partic-ular story quite differently.  28x20 in.   $1200   2016
310. The late Rosetta devoted her entire adult life to posing.   
26x20 in.    $1200   2018
435.  How does a thief decide the order in which rarities should be stolen?   40x28 in.  $1100  2014
358. When Helmut the wall painter forgot to first 
remove the priceless artwork... hilarity ensued. 
30x20 in.  $1300  2018
396.  Memory is seated predom-inantly in the heart.  38x16 in.  $1400   2012
388.   When in his 20s the Maestro became traumatized 
by her unrequited love.  
46x36 in.    $1400  2012
344. Is it an act of audacity or stupidity?  32x26 in.     $1300
374. Throughout the decades many goddesses have posed for the Maestro.  30x20 in.  $1300   2011
351.  The Contessa donated to the museum this self-portrait of the artist as a young man. 42x26 in.    $1300   2016
316. Some art may be too intense for certain patrons.  36x24 in.  $1200   2015
359. Antoinette is a highly esteemed botanist in charge of the museum's flora.  40x24 in.   $3000
378.  The museum spends not only years but millions of dollars authenticating works by the Maestro.  32x20 in.     $3500
392.  To this day the Maestro's illegitimate twins continue to ignite controversy.  38x28 in.  $3500 
342.  The museum's social media director is an expert.  36x24 in.   $1300   2016
238,  "I shall never grow old," declared Dora, idiotically.   36x28 in.    $1500   2015