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295.  Melanie's first day on the job as Curatorial Assistant was a real eye-opener.  20x22 in.   $3000
296.  "If this is Art," giggled little Jimmy, "Count me in!"  30x28 in.  $3500
205. I am seeking, I am striving, I am into it with all my heart!   30x30 in.   $3000
301. Alicia believes that some pictures actually speak to her.  32x24 in.     $3000
200. Nice people do not necessarily fall in love with nice people.  30x30 in.  $3000
298.  There was little doubt that the young padre was an avid fan of the Maestro's art.   20x26 in.
311.  Nanette is the museum's Director of 
Restoration And Enhancement.   20x26 in.  
333. On each November 5th, the museum allows patrons to pass judgment.   28x30 in.    $3000
470. CAUTION: Scholarly debate may cause tears of laughter!  26x34 in.    $3000
246. "Why?" pondered Carl's mother as she stared into the light.  
34x28 in.    $3000
465. When she found out, she promptly put an end to it.    28x24 in.    $3000
478.  Sophie had never seen 
such savagery.  30x30 in.  
450.  Amateur photog-raphy is never forbid-
den at Le Muse'e.  
30x20 in.    $3000
455. Anne couldn't help herself.  26x30 in.     $3000
423.  There are no words.  24x28 in.  $3000
430.  Dr. Hayley holds a Phd. in Art 
History and a Masters in male 
psychology.   17x18 in.    $2500
434. Privacy is a privilege.  30x30 in.    $3000
428. Exactly how the theft occurred is still a mystery.   34x24 in.  $3000
473. Marisol from the museum's Human Resources Dept. will never reconcile with her sister Lucille.  32x24 in.     $3500
433. Viewing Art can prove to be an exhausting challenge for some.   34x26 in.   $3000
479. Tourists are encouraged to fondle even the greatest of Togo's masterpieces.   
32x40 in.   $4000
481. A spurned lover is often the best censor.   32x28 in.  $3000
175.  She could not see what all the fuss was about!  36x28 in.  $3000
384. Luckily, the press were first to focus upon the most important aspects of the Maestro's work.  42x28 in.  $3500
346.  Melissa's mother was just too perfect to be a mother.  30x24 in.  $4000
337. Twice yearly a Norwegian religious cult visits the museum.    28x22 in.  $4000
482.  Finally, Laurette saw what others had seen and she was shocked beyond words.  18x28 in.    $3000
204.  Sheila felt most at home in the Hall Of Buttocks.   30x30 in     $3500
222. Pain, frustration, anger...but, I still love him!  I still do.  30x30 in.  $3500
372.  Last Monday Galatea's trans-formation went entirely unnoticed.  30x30 in.  $3000
400. Believe it or not, upon gazing at that picture,  Mr. Ballsworthy fell out of love with his wife.    34x28 in.   $3500
477. It seems as if Madame Lolly has worked forever in the Cataloging Department.   32x32 in.     $3000
472.  Chloe found the portrayal to be an hallucinatory re-imagining of a Classical Greek myth.   24x24 in.  $3000
453. Having found religion Cissy later regretted this moment of intense passion.  36x24 in. 
209. Why should I fear per-fection?  I shall never reach it.  20x16 in.   $3000
485.  Ms. Valdemar is a keen observer of observers.  33x27 in.  $3500
476.  The Committee For Refinement of Artistic Expression visits Le Muse'e twice a year.  30x36 in.   $3000
240.  Viola's self-confidence is her prized possession. 30x32 in.   $3000
286. I can no longer study Art... 
I must become Art!   24x24 in.  $3000
464.  The Art World was shaken to its core when Le Muse'e exhibited the Maestro's "Natural Disasters."  28x32 in.  $3000
489. Is it possible to love Art too much?   30x24 in.   $3500
451.  Le Muse'e is a sanctuary for some people.
22x30 in.    $3500
212.  What can I learn in school that I can't learn here?   32x36 in.   $3000
483. A recreation of the moment when a rare Togo was dis-covered in a barn.  38x30 in. 
480. Le Muse'e's base-ment library holds many
mysteries.    28x18 in.  $3000
458. Melba comes to Le Muse'e looking for love.  30x22 in.  $3500
415.  Although Le Muse'e's accountant has been married six times, she is currently single.   36x28 in.  $4000
391.  At any moment one is free to lie down, unwind, breathe easy and compose thyself.   28x34 in.   $4000