Le Muse'e d'Art Du Togo Love
The Permanent Collection

360. Opening day of an exhibition is always a thrilling adventure.  18x30 in     
208. Fools! It is the job of the artist
to deepen the mystery!  28x28 in. 

241. Father Alberto visited so often that we began to question 
his vows.  28x28
The following works by Togo classified as "The Museum Series"  belong to the collection of Dan Bianchi who began acquiring these in the mid 2000's.  Each singular work is composed of special inks and acrylic paint on canvas, signed, dated and stamped by the artist.    Currently, Togo is still at work on this series which he considers his major contribution to the world of Art.  Often, some pictures from his other series are incorporated into these as paintings hanging within Le Muse'e d'Art Du Togo Love.   All works are now for sale or exhibition.   Inquiries:  [email protected] 
224. It was time for the twins to learn the truth about their father.  28x28 in.   
268.  Why is it the fox condemns the trap but never himself?  30x30 in  
317. The museum's cleaning staff is completely composed of volunteers.  21x13 in.  
329. For nearly an hour every day Bradley prayed for her to succeed.   24x36 in.  
469. Julie was always a "Courbet's girl."  30x18 in.   
288. When the portrait of Marla was finally displayed the picture had changed consid-erably.  32x20 in.  
373. Angelina, once an inamorata of the Maestro, still owns several of his greatest works. 32x24
389.  Last year the museum caused a furor in the Art World when it paid $154 million for the Maestro's "Swingin In Paradise."  17x23 in.    
292.  Wednesday night is family night.  
30x30 in.   
370. The artist's unofficial biographer claims he fathered two of her children.  32x28 in.  
248. Carl's mother had worked day and night to make certain he had received a proper upbringing.  20x32 in.  
300. For little Bobby, the museum was much more fun than the zoo.  24x36 in.  
261. Rhonda never learned that 
wishing doesn't make it so.  
28x20 in.   
287.  Claudia's opinion carried 
great weight within the curating 
committee.  26x24 in.    
381.  When preparing for an exhibition, curator Holly must choose from dozens of favorites.  32x24
304. After 20 years Helen still 
loves her job...still hates Art.  
17x12 in.  
244. Somewhere along life's road 
Brandy had taken a wrong turn.  26x26 in.   
192.  It was a delightful surprise when the waitress of the museum's cafe won the presti-gious Salvador Dali Award.   24x32 in.  

181. Charlize had never even noticed that the pictures had been stolen.  22x20 in.  
294.  One night the guard Alejandro had experienced a spiritual awakening at the 2nd floor information booth.   22x28 in.  
468.  How can he tell them?  26x34 in.   
214. Abigail hoped to one day follow in the footsteps of her idol.  24x28 in.   
224. Let us never know old age.  28x28 in.  
217. Life is to enjoy!  28x28 in. 

364.  According to the museum's catalog, all vandals are liars.  28x40 in.  
228. Nigel often wondered.  
28x28 in.  
163. Some gallery goers claimed to
have seen a ghost!  18x20 in.   
345. The therapeutic effect of Art for this woman in green is no longer a myth.  34x32 in.  
362.  Occasionally, a picture may exhume 
disturbing memories from a visitor's past.  20x28 in.   
405. Three A.M. in the Great Hall.  24x36 in.

363. With or without an artwork, taking photos is fun!  30x36 in.   
397.  The museum's staff are no 
prigs when it comes to celebrating
holidays!  38x36 in.   
432. Revolution isn't pretty.  32x28 in.  
179, Florence never could say goodbye to childhood and, so, she suffered greatly.  28x28 in.   
203.  When her mother died, Sylvia was beside herself.  24x14 in.  
202.  Lucille searched and searched but could not find her Svengali.  40x24 in.    
353. Patrons are encouraged 
to express opinions.  
30x20 in.  
411.  There is no telling what development the Maestro's art may arouse in an observer.  24x14 in.
402. Do you know how to appreciate...nay, venerate great Art?  28x28 in.   
448. Stronger measures must be taken to thwart Art theft.   30x34 in.  
447.  Visitors are never prompted to reject reality and head straight for the gift shop. 36x28 in.   
460. This one reminds Tessa of her father.  24x40 in. 
449. Le Muse'e encourages future 
artists.  28x18 in.  
463. Rhonda joined the protest before knowing anything about it.  26x24 in.  
197. Aunt Norma found the Art World to be a silly business.  28x26 in.   
427.  The ringleader of the Art thieves was clever as she was fashionable.  30x30 in.  
180.  Try as she might, Dierdre could not recall posing for that picture.  28x40 in.   
493.  Suddenly,  Nikki recalled what, where and, most importantly, why it had happened.   16x14 in.     
496.  He can pray forever, but she will never change.   26x24 in.  
494.  She hated to see her go, but, such is life.    24x28 in.   
495.  Daphne is always eager to enlighten young critics who have lost their way.  16x20 in.