The Bernard L. Moskowitz Collection
Donated by the Estate Of 
Dr. Edith Moskowitz
429.  TOGO magazine dubbed it "The Greatest Art Heist Of The Century!"  30x26 in.    $3000
424.  Distinguished guests are well protected against the masses.  28x20 in.  $3500
422.  A work by the Maestro can have a lasting effect upon a viewer.  28x20 in.  $3500
459. "The Agony Of St.Petunia" is displayed but once a year and only for three minutes.  22x20 in.    $3000
461.  Reality is invisible in Le Muse'e.  28x22 in.
467.  Even when declared a fake, the Maestro's  "Lovers In Limbo" went for a cool $1.2 million.  30x26 in.  $3000
446. He is still too busy to waste time worrying about getting old.   32x26 in.  NFS
486.  Recall is not her greatest asset.  40x32 in.  $3000
425.  Love is a strange emotion.  40x24 in.   $3000
488.  Doris need not be coaxed to pose with her
portrait.  28x28 in.    $3000
487.  Camille in Acquis-
tions is known to be shy.  32x24 in.     $3000
441.  According to witnesses the valuable work vanished before their very eyes!   30x30 in.  $3000
186.  Maude renounced her vows and rebelled against all that was considered holy.  16x14 in.
226.  It's the thought that counts.  28x24 in.   $3000
185.  It is my day long obsession, joy and torment!  36x24 in.   $3000
227.  Bruce often wondered.  30x30 in.  $3000
182. I don't want Art to imitate Life...I want Life to be Art!   
32x28 in.        $3000
198.  As Senior Curator, Michelle failed miserably.  28x26 in.     $3000
279.  The Anerican History Wing became Phoebe's favorite spot to reminisce.  24x18 in.   $3000
174. Brianna knew little about Art but she loved to pose in front of it.  20x12 in.  $2500
410. Some relationships don't need an oracle.   16x13 in.    $2500
293.  As Chief of Security, Louella leaves no stone unturned.  28x26 in.  $3000
299.  Ingrid always knew that her past would return to haunt her.   26x20 in.  $3000
284.  Statistics suggest that male museum-goers prefer 3-Dimensional works.  28x20 in.  $3000
302.  On Friday, Reynaldo lost his way.  26x28 in.   $3000
303. Le Muse'e encourages smoking only in the Marlboro Wing.   24x18 in.  $3000
307. Carmen is about to marry a much older man whom she is not even sure she likes.  30x30 in.  $3500
309. Famous movie stars often visit the museum.  36x36 in.   $3500
297.  Every Sunday at noon the mysterious woman came to pray before a particular picture in the Gallery Of Lusty Dreams.   38x26 in.
289.  Although Rosalee knows nothing about Art, she is the museum's greatest benefactor.
28x28 in.   $3000
243.  Sherry attributed her self-confidence to her liberal upbringing.  36x26 in.   $4000
318. WARNING: Tour guides may get carried away with their descrip-tions and interpretations.  30x24 in.   $3000
319. Once, the artist's mother visited the museum...but, only once.   28x24 in.  $3000
320. Every Spring the museum is packed to capacity.   
36x44 in.   $5000
322. Oddly enough, the Marquesa was no stranger to licentious behaviour.  
36x30 in.      $3000
323.  Tragedy struck early
one Tuesday afternoon in June.  36x30 in.   $3000
206.  Fern is somewhat less than fan-atical about customer satisfaction.  22x24 in.  $3000
245. Where has the time gone?     28x32 in.     $3500
325. Ernst misunderstood most of what he had seen in the exhibit.   34x28 in.   $3000
328.  Sisters are special...sisters are friends.   26x28 in.  $3000
327.  Eloise wasn't sure what to make of her exper-ience but knew that it was fascinating.   12x11 in.  $2000
331. Discourse is discouraged in the museum's library.    38x30 in.    $3500

334.  There are some things better left unsaid.  40x40 in.  $4000
341. The security staff are never distracted from their duties.  38x36 in.   $3500
Throughout his adult life, Togo suffered from various physical ailments and diseases which required hospitalization and operations.  Having little or no insurance or finances to pay for his treatments, he was able to persuade some Doctors to trade their fees for his artworks. Dr. Bernard Moskowitz, or, "Doc Bernie" as Togo referred to him, was one of those.  

As years passed, the Doctor continued his personal collection of Togo's works by tracking down all other physicians who owned them.  Many pictures were either discarded or regarded as worthless and gathering dust in attics and cellars.  So, their owners were surprised when Doc Bernie offered to purchase them.   He bought as many as he could and quite a few from deceased doctors' estates' auctions, as well.  Even in retirement, he traveled great distances to seek out missing Togo's.   His collection contains many highly sought after rarities.

Mrs.Moskowitz, also a doctor, was not a fan of her husband's unique obsession but she knew he had loved the works, so, when he passed away, she bequeathed his entire collection to Le Muse'e d'Art Du Togo Love.   
394.  What is a wish but a waste of time?  24x24 in.  $2500
210.  My version of the past is all I own.  
28x24 in.    $3000
183.  Misty was never one to mingle. 19x16 in. $3000
452. Amelia was amused but not fooled.
30x30 in.   $3000